UnipolSai Headquarters

The building is designed as the closing part of Gae Aulenti square, in Porta Nuova Milano, it is composed by the superposition of two tapes, one continues from the square the other one move upwards. The lower body takes the alignment of the surrounding buildings, it is oriented on the main axis. The change in the rhythm of the vertical elements of the facade creates different levels of permeability. The green courtyards and the green square/botanical garden, improve comfort of interior spaces and workplaces, contributing to bioclimatic welfare.

Invited competition

Milan, Italy


Client: UnipolSai

Built area: 15.000 sqm




unipolsai headquarters rif03

Diagram of the volume

unipolsai headquarters rif02

Alejandro Otero 1980
Coloritmo en azul

unipolsai headquarters rif01

The green areas


The large glass volume houses a green square that stands as fulcrum of the new building. The glass volume opens outward offering different views and perspectives according to their different functions and levels.


The tower, located at the south-west of the Garibaldi-Repubblica area, becomes a distinctive element of this important connecting node between the elevated plaza, the streets Melchiorre Gioia and F.lli Castiglioni and residential complex of the Varesine area.


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