Teatro I - theatre expansion project

This project sets out to enlarge the existing Teatro I structure standing in the Darsena district of Milan, and contemplates the construction of a new theatre house and a foyer that looks out onto a stretch of the Milan waterways known as the Conca del Naviglio. The new auditorium will be housed in a somewhat neutral closed-in volume finished in bare-faced concrete to contrast with the light external surface consisting of timber shuttering panels. The new spaces are on the first floor (foyer) and the second floor (new auditorium), the inner courtyard is no longer occupied, the theatre is represented by an open-air space with a large courtyard, which may be used to stage future performances.

Milan, Italy

2010 - In progress

Client: Teatro I – SOC. COOP. A.r.l.

Built area: 1.770 sqm




teatro i rif01


teatro i rif02

Pedro Cabrita Reis, 1985

pic 02

The surface finish of the facade with its rhythmic alternation of solids and voids, will allow for a glimpse of the internal corridors of the theatre, making it look like a giant lantern when lit up at night.

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