Sanya Villas and Resort

In the town of Sanya, on Hainan Island in the South China Sea, a residential touristic complex is being planned. The complex host the summer residences and four buildings constituting the resort, the buildings share the same language through the use of materials like wood and glass. The project of these villas has its key point in the strong identity of the buildings, which interact both with each other and the rich nature of the surrounding area. The internal spaces are distributed around a huge relax and social area on the ground floor; the rooms are independent and at the same time connected. Particular attention has been paid to landscape design: the green becomes a natural extension of the internal rooms.

Hainan, Cina


Client: HNATourism Development Co. LTD

Built area: 12.000 + 5.000 sqm

Housing Leisure


The complex is a modular subdivision of five lots, the first of which hosts the four buildings constituting the resort while the remaining four host the summer residences.

hainan 01 01

Volumes define curved spaces wrapping the landscape around the house.

hainan 01 02

Three shapes play with the ground’s slope in a sequence of shady spaces focusing the sea.

hainan 01 03

Huge windows overlooking the landscape create new relation between the interior and the wide open spaces.

hainan 01 04

A wiggly tape creates a series of courtyards and spaces which are related with the tropicallandscape environment.

hainan 01 05

All the rooms of the hotel face the communal outdoor spaces, the swimming pool and the park. Each structure dialogues harmoniously with the rich natural setting, becoming an organic extension of the interior spaces toward the outside.

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