Minsk Gymnastics Palace

The project conceived for the city of Minsk consists of a gymnastic association administrative building, within the lot of the "Olympic Artistic Gymnastics Center" located along river Svislach. It aims at creating not only a functional building for the organizations that will host, but also an attractive environment that beautifies and enhances the image of the city. The concept of the project is suggested from the context on which it is located, becoming a junction between a very urbanized area and the natural environment. Merging these two contrasting aspects of the place, the designed building combines the features of both, working as a distinctive link between them. The nature of the context also determines the building smooth and organic form. The soft diagonal plan allows to organize two interconnected spaces: the park on the lakeside and the city square reachable from the Gymnastics Palace. They offer the possibility to host public events and allow different public uses, giving permeability to the area. They work as a meeting point where to reach cafes and restaurants, as well as a public square full of greenery where to relax and enjoy the stunning view of the lake.

Minsk, Belarus


Client: Limited Liability Company Helena Valerie

Built area: 6600 sqm

Offices Leisure



minsk piuarch 05

The square

minsk piuarch 06

The geometry

minsk piuarch 07

The lakeside

minsk piuarch 02

The building becomes a junction between a very urbanized area and the natural environment of the lakeside.

minsk piuarch 03

A solid glass façade allows a great view overlooking the park and the lake.

minsk piuarch 04

The staircase on the entrance opens to the public square, open to employees as well as visitors.

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