Mansarda Restaurant

At the top floor of the Quattro Corti Business Centre is located a panoramic glass restaurant, with great views on Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. It spreads over 1050 sqm, and it has one entrance connected to the offices and one, for the public, connected with the main entrance of the complex. The top floor overviews on one hand the glass courtyards of Quattro Corti Business Centre, on the other hand the historic courts of the city centre, in a perfect combination of contemporary and historic elements. The ceiling is a strong theme, thanks to the geometric pattern of the grey oak woodblanks. Their broken pitch reminds both the attic rooms (“Mansarda” in Italian) and the metallic pitched roof of the complex. The restaurant has 255 seats, 75 of which placed on the panoramic terrace.

© Andrea Martiradonna

Saint Petersburg, Russia

2010 – Built

Client: Ginza Project

Built area 1050 sqm




mansarda restaurant rif02

Beili Liu and Jang Soon Im 2012
The Mending Project

mansarda restaurant rif01


mansarda restaurant rif03

Kit model building

Mansarda Restaurant
Mansarda Restaurant
Mansarda Restaurant

Mansarda restaurant has a great view on the golden dome of St. Isaac. Gold, one of the distinctive colours of St. Petersburg, also colours the courtyard of the business center Quattro Corti.

Mansarda Restaurant

A partition of the restaurant is composed of hundreds of spoons, which become an optic and decorative pattern.

Mansarda Restaurant

The area that welcomes guests shows the rich collection of bottles of fine wines. The ceiling is made up of strips of oak that follow the angle of the roof.

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