Manifattura Tabacchi

The redevelopment takes place in an historical-industrial area with a design that aims at respecting the uniqueness of the place, bringing at the same time avant-garde architecture but on a human scale. Its area is shaped by the edges of the adjacent buildings also aligned to the close roofs. Since the near buildings have different heights, the project provides a different elevation from one side to the other, in order to favor a harmonious graft. The project attempts to redevelop the north side and to include the canal, the road and the public spaces in a new designed system. This scheme will enhance the building, while ensuring a greater regeneration of the whole area. The building attempts to reach the greatest transparency and brightness. With a maximum height of 25 meters, it presents three transparent bodies which lean against the ground floor, embodying stairs, elevators and the reception. The south façade instead is cladded with three-dimensional brise-soleils. These elements will shade an articulated space with double and triple height green areas. As a result the users of the building can enjoy peaceful and verdant spaces. The interiors are designed to offer comfort and wellness to the workplace, as well as the best functionality. With an interfloor distance of 3.9 meters, the open spaces are intended to be easily adjustable to future needs without restrictions.

Florence, Italy

2018 – current

Built area: 15.000 sqm




manifatturatabacchi piuarch 01

The park

manifatturatabacchi piuarch 02

Museu Afro, São Paulo
Arquiteto Oscar Niemeyer

manifatturatabacchi piuarch 08

Dan Graham,
Half Square Half Crazy, 2004

manifatturatabacchi piuarch 07

A privileged point of view, a very modern glass roof garden.

manifatturatabacchi piuarch 04

The north facade main feature is transparency, which allows employees and staff to enjoy a dramatic view overlooking the landscape and, at the same time, it allows outside visitors to appreciate the fine details of the interiors.

manifatturatabacchi piuarch 03

Between one body and another, there are pedestrian walkways and green areas, binding together the Factory indoors and outdoors without interruption.

manifatturatabacchi piuarch 05

Building B fits perfectly between the surrounding buildings, smoothly integrating within the context and at the same time improving the place.

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