Kracow Music Centre

An open and welcoming nature park where music, architecture and landscape blend together - this is our concept for the Krakow Music Centre. Located in the ring of public monumental buildings and green areas of Krakow, the complex is conceived as a combination of sloped surfaces and ramps, generating many opportunities for informal social gatherings and interaction between different functions.

The project envisages a building that, as a topographic element, raises gradually off the ground and unfolds into an articulated system of sloped volumes. The roof, which is fully covered with vegetation, hosts a nature park, seamlessly connected with the surroundings.

Beneath the articulated surface of the rooftop park, the different functions of the Centre are organized and linked together by a continuous public space – the foyer, whose glass façade overlook the surrounding woods. In addition to the concert halls - one of which is directly connected to the park, allowing the audience to enjoy a concert immersed in nature - the Centre hosts spaces for exhibitions, events, co-working, lounge bar and kindergarden - spaces for leisure and work open and accessible to all citizens.

The fluid compenetration of the volumes enables great flexibility in the use of space, allowing therefore to properly adapt and respond to the diverse needs of the Centre throughout the day.

The sloped surfaces of the rooftop park serve a dual purpose: they work as an exceptional viewpoint over the whole city and, at the same time, they accommodate multi-functional spaces such as outdoor amphitheaters, spaces for gatherings and leisure.

© Architectural project: Piuarch and Inga Olszańska


Kracow, 2020

Client: Krakow’s Municipal Development Agency (ARMK)

Area: 11.000 sqm

Cultural Concept



Cascina Sella Nuova

The complex is conceived as a topographic element, whose articulation generates the interior spaces and accomodates a park on the top.

Cascina Sella Nuova

The principle of the composition is inspired by the adjacent remnants of a fortress recessed into the ground.

Cascina Sella Nuova

The openings are designed to be view points towards Błonia, Kosciuszko mound, Wawel Castle and the Rudawa river valley.

448 01

Main Entry. The project foresees a glass façade throughout all the perimeter of the building.

448 01

The foyer and the stair ascending to the mezzanine level featuring an exhibition space and event room.

448 01

The foyer opens up into a multi-functional space fully accessbile to the public.

448 01

The main concert hall.

448 01

The rooftop park hosts additional space for outdoor concerts and events.

448 01

The multi-functional spaces opening up towards the surrounding woods and rooftop park.

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