Ekaterinensky Congress Center

The Ekaterinensky Congress Center aims to be a new architectural and functional landmark for the area that overlooks the Kuban River and for the entire city of Krasnodar. The new building is influenced by two main aspects of its urban setting: nature and the built-up city. The grid of the urban fabric makes sharp, geometric cuts on the entrance side of the new structure, while on the opposite side the building winds along a flowing border that harmonizes the meeting of the outside spaces and the interior spaces of the congress center. The building has three levels, the large entrance hall rises to the full height of the building, connecting the various functional areas, the convention centre and the restaurant.

Krasnodar, Russia

2016 – In progress

Client: Kubanskaya Marka LLC

Built area: 2.800 sqm

Cultural Leisure



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Donald Judd 1984

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The façade toward the street is characterized by large brise-soleil in oxidized copper, it is a highly identifiable element for the convention centre.

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The sinuousness of the side facing the river is accentuated by the use of curved glass windows that follow the exterior border of the structure. At night the building becomes a “lantern,” a landmark visible all along the river.

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