Congress Centre

The complex contains the Riva del Garda Municipal Theatre and Congress Centre, unfolding along a sort of conceptual passage, whose beginning and end are defined by two highly dis- tinctive architectural elements: the scenic tower of the theatre and the cantilevered glass wall that looks out onto the lake. The plaza that is formed in the space in front of the entrance to the hall becomes a protected public site that connects the complex to the historic city centre. The roof is a series of inclined planes that cause the heights of the façades to vary, endowing the structure with a more fluid three-dimensional form and making it possible to situate the summer arena on top of the theatre.

Architectural Design: Piuarch with Andrea Palaia.

Invited competition, 1st prize

Riva del Garda, TN, Italy

2007 – In progress

Client: Patrimonio del Trentino S.p.A.

Built area: 25.600 sqm




congres centre rif02

Wong Kar-wai 2000
In the Mood for Love

congres centre rif01

The project functions as an important hub that connects with the historic city centre and the surrounding landscape system

congres centre rif03

Peter Greenaway 1982
The Draughtsman’s Contract

Congress Centre

The stage tower of the theatre is not only a distinguishing feature of the new building, but a point of reference for the city.

Congress Centre

The plaza resulting from the geometry of the volumes becomes a protected public site that connects with the city centre. The plaza acts as a focal point into which the routes from the city centre flow, filtering them toward the lakeside promenade.

Congress Centre

The architectural volume concludes with a cantilevered element facing south, offering a privileged view of the lake through a glass wall which uses the city’s most interesting natural feature as a backdrop.

Congress Centre
Congress Centre
Congress Centre

The choice of plant types for building complex consider the climate conditions and local energy resources from conven- tional and renewable sources

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