Collegio di Milano

The project is distinguished by its close dialogue with the existing building designed in the 1970s by Marco Zanuso, respecting its elevations, chromatic scheme and branched form. The building, on three levels contains 50 housing units for students. Each unit faces outward with a large window set back from the profile of the facade. The facade is organized as a continuous ribbon, lightened and made transparent by square openings of varying size and intensity. The intensity of the windows changes in function of the corresponding interior spaces: the windows of the residential units are generous and create ample walls of light, becoming smaller for the communal spaces and areas of circulation. The interior spaces are designed for maximum flexibility, rejecting the classical scheme of a row of rooms joined by a hallway.


© Marcello Mariana

Competition, 1st prize

Milan, Italy

2007 – 2020

Client: Fondazione Collegio delle Università Milanesi

Built area: 3.000 sqm

Cultural Housing



collegio di milano rif01

Richard Serra 1972
Circuit II

collegio di milano rif02


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Carlos Raúl Villanueva
Plaza cubierta UCV Caracas


The arcade connecting the new building with the Zanuso’s one


The new building is an autonomous volume intended for university student accommodation.


A succession of windows of different sizes runs along the south-east front.


The planivolumetric layout respects the spatial and height relationships with Zanuso's structure.


The new building is located just west of the original one, transversally to the Via Ovada front.

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