The new image of CENTRO*Arezzo is inspired by the elements characterizing the logo Coop: the circle and the tape. The dialogue between the pattern of circles – on the façade- and the continuous ribbon –in the layout of the spaces- become the basic elements of the project, creating homogeneity between the internal and external environments. The pattern creates a white, perforated and curved surface, it guides the visitor from the external façade, to the ceiling of the internal route and develops in the vertical surfaces of the inner square. This perforated leather becomes the key figures, it filters natural and artificial light. The tower articulates the façade and marks the main entrance, it recalls the profile of the historic city centre and becomes the sign of CENTRO*Arezzo. The pedestrian entrance is marked by a green axis composed of circular flowerbeds between which runs a paved path.

© Giovanni Hänninen

Arezzo, Italy

2015 – under construction

Client: Unicoop Firenze SC

Built surface: 2.500 sqm

Retail Concept Leisure



centro arezzo rif01
centro arezzo rif02
centro arezzo rif03

The aggregation of circles, varying in diameter, generates a pattern declined in the different elements that characterize the intervention.


The shopping plaza is the focus of the project. The system of windows is configured as a continuous glass ribbon with curved profiles, that accompanies the customer.


The ceiling of the mall has the same patter of the façade, the natural and artificial light filters through the “wrapping”, creating different lighting effects.


The double-high internal plaza, houses an island of greenery, designed and equipped for children


The pattern born from an orthogonal grid inclined at 45 degrees to the axis of the gallery, the circles vary in a gradual way from around 20 to 50 centimetres in diameter.


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