Atelier Swarovski Home

For the launch of the new brand of luxury accessories "Atelier Swarovski Home", during the Milan Design Week, Piuarch created an installation that involves the public through a journey in a world of mirrors. Each design element is in dialogue with the late neo-classic architecture of the Palazzo Cagnola, including the ceiling frescos and the terrazzo floors. The visitor is invited to a journey into the Atelier Swarovski Home world through a series of installations that engage a game of reflections between the objects and the space, through reflective ribbons, tables with mirrored surface and a macro object that acts as a teleidoscope.

Installation, Fuorisalone 2016

Milan, Italy

2016 – Built

Client: Swarovski

Built area: 170 sqm




atelier swarovski home rif01

Rachel Valdés Camejo 2012
Happily Ever After

atelier swarovski home rif02

Olafur Eliasson 2001
Viewing Machine

atelier swarovski home rif03

Alyson Shotz 2011
Frames per second

atelierswarovski 05

The original beauty of the fresco on the ceiling becomes the background image of the Swarovski’s collection through the reflective surface of the tables

atelierswarovski 04

The most valuable piece of the collection is enhanced by continuous reflection of the wall and of the ceiling on which is reproduced a fresco of the Palazzo.

atelierswarovski 01

The teleidoscope creates a game of reflections with the frescoed ceiling, it remembers the reflections of the crystal of the Swarovski’s collection

atelierswarovski 03
atelierswarovski 06

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