Amber & Art Store

Located in St Petersburg city center, Amber&Art store is conceived as a fluid space in which the line between the art gallery and the jewellery is lost. The different rooms of the shops ensure the linguistic coherence through the choice of a limited number of noble materials like brass, silk and velvet textiles and two types of marble: London Gray and Black Stripped Olympic. The semi-circular central hall is characterized by a coffered wooden countertop with a diamond design that is reflected in the geometry of the marble floor. Opposed to the marble surfaces are the brass displays, with different heights, while on the walls – finished with raw concrete – the products are hanged on little hooks that emerge from moiré silk panels. The hallway has been designed as a real exhibition art gallery, with glass cases exhibit amber objects laid down on Black Stripped Olympic marble pedestals. Two rooms with barrel vaults overlook the hallway and are characterized by a more contemporary style through their blue metal panles on the walls. The layout is therefore completed by the VIP room, where the atmosphere is more gathered and the finishings include black and royal blue velvet walls.

© Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti

St Petersburg, Russia

2016, built

Client: Northway

Built surface: 420 sqm




amber art store rif01

Museo Spallanzani, Reggio Emilia

amber art store rif02

Damien Hirst, Neverland, 2002

amberstore rif 07

The two rooms with barrel vaults are characterized by a marble flooring with a geometric texture opposed to the walls, made by blue metal panels.

amberstore rif 03
amberstore rif 04

As a jewel that can be compared to those sold in the store, the chandeliers are specifically designed and custom-made for this project.

amberstore rif 09
amberstore rif 5
amberstore rif 08

Located in city center, Amber & Art store overlooks one of St Petersburg canals. The boutique is inside the Antonov’s Merchant House, built in 1824, and is only a few steps away from the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood.

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