Allianz Headquarters

The former Allianz complex, designed in the 50s by Ponti, Portaluppi and Fornaroli, is located in the very heart of Milan. The aim of the project is to redevelop the historical building and to get the features of a multifunctional center accommodating offices, commercial spaces, art galleries and a conference hall. The volume of the previous building is preserved in terms of dimensions but changes its shape, part of the volume is indeed moved along Santa Sofia Street, strengthening the elevation towards the new public space that will host the future metro station. Right here, a new suspended volume is created and it enhances a visual connection between the new square and the inner courtyard, which extends on several floors. Inside, the building is characterized by a dynamic layout.
The overall design project reflects the commitment to use consistently the language of the existing building, attempting to reach a minimalist approach meant as an added value to the project.

Milan, Italy


Client: Allianz

Built area: 29.700 sqm




allianz piuarch 02

Current status

allianz piuarch 03

Space rationalization

allianz piuarch 04

Volume translation creating the new tower

allianz piuarch 05

The façade is composed by differently positioned and wooden framed horizontal glass panels, generating a really dynamic effect.

allianz piuarch 06
allianz piuarch 08

Along the courtyard, a full height space is enriched by a sculptural staircase that creates a connection between different working areas.

allianz piuarch 09

Close to the façade, inner green terraces offer collective spaces for employees.

allianz piuarch 07

The ground floor is conceived as a green area, increasing the livability of the work spaces.

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