Piuarch presents “Facades, the Skin of Architecture”

The program for Brera Design week - April 4th–9th – will include a facade gardening installation and a show on the facades that Piuarch has designed in 20 years of work

Milan, April 4th – 8th, 2017. As part of the Brera Design Week, Piuarch presents an installation and an exhibition called “Facades, the Skin of Architecture”.

The facade of the building where Piuarch is located – in the courtyard at Via Palermo 5, Milan – will hold a façade gardening installation, in which a garden decorates the entire front of the building from ground to roof.

Crossing the threshold of the Studio, one enters the show that illustrates the formal and conceptual research that Piuarch has devoted to the theme of facades throughout its history, with images, drawings, illustrations, prints and models that tell the story of facades as a real stylistic genre.

with Cornelius Gavril, Verdevivo, Vivai Mandelli

Facades, la pelle dell’architettura
April 4th – 9th, 2017
Via Palermo 5

April 4th – 9th, 2017

TALK of Architecture and Light: Lightness

VELUX and Edilportale presents Talk di Architettura e Luce (Architecture and Light Talk), a four days event of meetings with the big names of architecture that will talk about designing with natural light.

March 8th 2017, at 11.30AM, at Spazio VELUX at MADExpo, Gino Garbellini will be hosting with a Talk entitled LIGHTNESS,  light as a 'fourth dimension'.

"Light is the fourth dimension in every projects. Design element, it is the premise and consequence of the artistic choices. We can say that the light is one of the languages through which we compose our visions and define the character of our buildings.

It is a subject itself: present, permeable, persistent, in becoming as natural in its manifestations induced by the use of technology. Piuarch always observes the light dedicating to it the incessant analysis and reflections. In the facades such as interior courtyards, on reflective surfaces such as transparency by allowing filter can freely through space."


New Monography Piuarch, Corriere della Sera

Corriere della Sera,  with Abitare and the Politecnico di Milano, dedicate to Piuarch a monography of the collection Lezioni di Architettura e Design (Architecture and Design Lessons).

The book will be in the news-stand with the Corriere, from February18th till the 24th.

A review - enriched with critics reflections and in-depth analysis – that includes also the two most recent Milanese projects: the Gucci HUB, new headquarters for Gucci’s offices and showroom; and the requalification of Palazzo Ex Unicredit, in Piazza Cordusio, which will house offices, stores and a hotel.

It’s a story telling through images of these twenty years of designing, among spaces for fashion, offices, headquarters and concepts.


Amber&Art Boutique

Amber&Art opens its first flagship store in Saint Petersburg,to show case  amber jewellery and objects. The boutique is located in the city center, inside the famous Antonov’s Merchant House. Main character of the scene is the Amber jewel, both as an object and as an aesthetic atmosphere. The different rooms present objects and amber jewels in different typologies and working techniques. The linguistic coherence among the different rooms was obtained thanks to the choice of a limited number of noble materials like brass, silk and velvet textiles and two types of marble: London Grey and Black Stripped Olympic.

Retail, Concept
Saint Petersburg

Yamamay opens its first Concept Store in Corso Buenos Aires in Milan

Yamamay opens its first Concept Store in Corso Buenos Aires in Milan. A 507 square meters, divided on two floors, where Piuarch defines a new shopping experience. The new Store includes indeed a series of new functions dedicate to favour the public staying in the store and diversify the consumption occasions. The ground floor houses the woman lingerie collection while the basement floor is dedicated to men underwear, a beauty area and YHOME: the new line dedicated to the home. To enhance the space we find a corner for the selling of flowers and a library, which recalls the place’s identity that for years housed a book shop. The new store – puts together different commercial and social functions- propose to become a "destination" and a "platform" through which to experiment with languages ​​and dedicated communication projects to foster relationships with customers and the image of Yamamay.
November 2016

Les Hommes opens in Antwerpen a new flagship store

The Belgian brand LES HOMMES opens the first flagship store inBelgiumin a 200sqm space in Antwerpen, home town of the two creative directors Tom Notte e Bart Vandebosch.
The boutique- at 6 Arme Duivelstraat – it’s the second flagship store in Europe after the one in Milan Porta Nuova opened in 2014 and prelude an important expansion which foresees the opening of 15 new boutiques in Asia in 3 years time.
Like for Milan, the concept and the brand identity of the new boutique were developed by Piuarc, to whom the brand entrust the responsibility for the task to express in space, colours, geometries and materials the values and images that characterize its style.
Les Hommes it’s a sophisticated menswear fashion brand that distinguish itself for the quality of concepts, materials research- often contrasting rich and poor materials- the attention to details. www.leshommes.com


Retail, Concept
September 2016


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