The redevelopment of the dairy store (Latteria Sociale) Valtellina is the occasion to give to the building a new image linked to the identity of the reality that it contains and represents, a place linked to the local tradition and to the history. The project proposes a reinterpretation of the “malga” - the Alpine hut belonging to the italian alpine tradition - with its development in length, light coverage, a volume on one floor, inside the space there are the places of sale, exhibition and work. A model that leads to the concept of tradition and quality, the large roof extends to cover the outer areas and makes them a natural extension of the interior spaces, creating a covered square revealing to passers-by what happens inside, inviting to rest and the visit.



  • Invited competition, 1st prize
  • Postalesio (SO), Italy
  • 2016 – In progress
  • Client: Latteria Sociale Valtellina S.C.A.
  • Built area: 1.000 sqm
    • Retail,
    • Leisure


latteria sociale valtellina rif1

Malga, the alpine hut

latteria sociale valtellina rif2


latteria sociale valtellina 02

The interior spaces are arranged radially from the center with three different degrees of relationship with the exterior: a closed core, a transparent and welcoming perimeter, a covered square that serves as internal/external filter.

343valtellina sciale02
343valtellina sciale03

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